01 Aug

Three Significantly Historical Places to visit in Ireland 

1. Reginald’s  Tower - Located in Waterford’s quay, Reginald’s Tower is the oldest complete building in Ireland. In the 13th century, this tower was the cornerstone of the city’s defense system.

2. Blarney Castle - Blarney Castle as we know it was built in 1446. The original castle, standing in the same spot until its destruction, which prompted the building of the current structure, dates back to 1200 BCE. 

3. Christ Church Cathedral - Known as the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, it has been standing in Dublin since 1030 CE. Officially speaking, it’s the seat of both the Church of Ireland and the Roman Catholic archbishops of Dublin. In practice it has belonged solely to the Church of Ireland’s archbishop of Dublin since the English Reformation.

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